Unconscious Archives transverses sonic and audiovisual propositions, unravelled through live concerts and artist focussed events.

Unconscious Archives is an ongoing event series which aims to encourage and evolve an artistic discourse examining the synergies and dissimilarities which define both audiovisual art and sound art. Crucially Unconscious Archives explores and promotes art on the periphery which combines and dissects cross media formats, promotes audience participation and interaction, and creates a critical dialogue between artists at various stages of their careers. Specially interested in the performative, material and critical aspects of hybridity within ‘old’ and ‘new’ media, Unconscious Archives events have explored audience participation and activated spaces, and the juncture of emerging, consumer and hacked technologies against the reimagining of obsolete media.

Seeded from UA founder Sally Golding’s experiences staging obtuse and ephemeral live media via OtherFilm, the UA line of enquiry leads to a myriad of activity which has so far culminated in working with over 70 artists and successfully independently curating and producing over 20 events with London venue partners including Cafe OTO and Apiary Studios. Unconscious Archives events have also taken place in collaboration with: the South London Gallery; Art Cinema offOFF, Belgium; Close-Up Film Centre, London; Supernormal Festival, Oxfordshire; and The Wire magazine Off The Page festival at the Arnolfini, Bristol.

From 2011 – 2013 UA was programmed by Sally Golding and James Holcombe. From 2013 – ongoing UA is programmed by Sally Golding.

Sound and Music, The Sampler: Sally Golding and James Holcombe on Unconscious Archives, 2013

Unconscious Archives – Expanded Cinema & Sound Art, LabKultur, by Erica Scourti